*A must for bladder problems” JP, Sarasota FL

*This product is amazing. I take 3 capsules daily and have NO MORE problems with incontinence. I can wait 2 hours before I have to urinate. Be sure to take the full amount (3 capsules daily.)”  VS, New Jersey

*I’ve been using this product for 9 days now and wow I’m so pleased with the results. This truly is a miracle pill for me. I was using the bathroom 3 to 5 times a night and now I’m only using the restroom one time a night. Last night I didn’t get up at all. Anyone waking up at night more than 2 a night should try this product. It’s a life saver. Thank you God for this product.”  JC, New Mexico

*I am in my sixties and I feel like the pumpkin seed oil helps keep the bladder strong.” GR, Atlanta GA

*Excellent if you need the help: If your frequency of urination problems are related to the functioning of the bladder, e.g., reduced elasticity/muscle tone, then I strongly recommend Curbita. It has especially reduced night time potty trips for me.”

*“Seems to help:  Been taking for three weeks now, and definitely seems to be helping curb overactive bladder urges. Flow is smoother and uninterrupted, too. Will keep taking for at least another month.”

*“Works very good.”

*Daily supplement usage: 6+ supplements daily: Expensive but worth every dime! Very effective for bladder problems especially frequent urgency issues.”

*“Some Improvement: Since using this product, I’ve gone from having to empty my bladder 3-5 times each night to about 1-3 times most nights. So there is some improvement, but I’m hoping to be able to sleep through the night with continued use. Unfortunately, this product is a bit pricey because it calls for 3-4 capsules a day so it goes fast. The softgels are large but easy for me to swallow. I’ve been using it about a month. It is my hope that the results will improve, and I’m happy that there has been at least some improvement. I think I’m too young to have to go so much!”

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