This may hold the secret for strengthening your bladder. . . and improving your quality of life!*

Curbita Capsule

The Secret: Pumpkin Power

Healthy bladder function is crucial . . .

to a person’s mobility and overall quality of life. Both the Commission E Monographs written by the German equivalent of the FDA – and ESCOP (the European Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy) state that pumpkinseeds have been shown to have a positive effect on a weak bladder.*

What makes Curbita Pumpkin Power different?

Sanhelios® – the maker of Curbita Bladder Caps – after years of research, found the specific, rare, soft-shelled European Pumpkin (Curcubita Pepo) which grows in Austria and Bulgaria that has the unique ability to enhance bladder function, leading to strengthening the bladder muscles as well as calming the functional-urinary system.*

Pumpkin Power is the whole idea behind Sanhelios® Curbita™ Bladder Caps. Each soft gel capsule contains 1,000 mgs of this potent cold pressed European Pumpkinseed Oil, derived exclusively from the seeds of the special Curcubita pepo pumpkin. The seeds are soft and full of oil, which contain all the healthful properties for the bladder.


Helps strengthen the bladder

This high dosage Pumpkin Power supports the entire system of bladder muscles.* It also supports normal emptying of the bladder because Curbita™ has a calming and harmonizing effect on the function of bladder muscles, leading to a strengthening of the bladder to help decrease those embarrassing trips to the bathroom.*

Safety and effectiveness assured.

Curbita™ standardized extract of European Pumpkinseed Oil meets German Commission E standards and is manufactured according to pharmaceutical GMPs.

There are many pumpkin seed oil products on the market.

For bladder health to support your active lifestyle, insist on Curbita™ Bladder Caps from Sanhelios®. You will see why this is the choice for active people in the US and Europe.

Curbita™ Bladder Caps

  • Supports healthy bladder function for men and women*
  • Contains Pumpkinseed Oil from rare European pumpkins
  • Backed by a German Commission E monograph
  • Used by over 500,000 Europeans and Americans

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